And Now I Wait

surgery 2


Surgery was yesterday. The freezing was the toughest part. I was really impressed with the surgeon. He talked to me through the whole thing. He even called me at home at 8:45 last night to see how I was doing. What a nice guy! When I told him the freezing was starting to come out he said sympathetically “Oh, it’s going to hurt” . He was right. However, I did sleep better than I thought. It only hurt when I moved it and that was only 4 or 5 times through the night. Good drugs :)

One of the daily tasks that will be difficult if not impossible is dealing with my hair for the next few days. I had the brilliant idea to get a hairdresser to french braid it. She had a blast doing it…said it reminded her of playing with her girlfriends hair in high school. And only charged me $5

french braid

Fun & easy care

Hugs and happy thoughts.


Can It Be Done?

My wrist surgery is fast approaching. On Thursday I am hoping for a good fix. I do know that there will be more pain before it gets better though. I have been furiously knitting away trying to get some projects finished because I have no idea how long it will be before I can knit again. My friend Karen mentioned that she wouldn’t be surprised if I started knitting with my toes. LOL

toe knitting


It might take my entire recovery period to figure out how to do it :)

Hugs and happy thoughts.

There Goes My Yarn Diet


I live smack dab between one small city and one large town. Neither one of which have a dedicated yarn shop…..until now. Oh there is a Michael’s and a hobby shop that carries yarn in Orillia but those are easy to avoid. The gazillion emails I get from yarn sources are easily deleted so as not to tempt me. I had a grasp on the concept of using up my stash. Or so I thought.

I got wind that a new shop called Purl 3 (website isn’t up and running yet) was opening in Orillia and where it was going to be located. I didn’t know when it would be opening. So on Thursday when I was in town I drove by to check it out and low and behold the open sign was up. I pulled into the parking lot telling myself that I would only buy yarn if it was a local (Ontario) independent fibre company. This is my way of putting a reign on myself.

My resolve was still good walking into the warm and welcoming shop. Kitrina the shop co-owner welcomed me with open arms. I kept touching and squishing and sniffing and telling myself “only local…..or socks…sock yarn doesn’t have to be local”. Anybody understand that reasoning? Let me know if you figure it out ;)

Purl 3 has some absolutely gorgeous yarns, both local and imports. I did manage to only buy 2 skeins of Saki Bamboo Solids sock yarn to make hubby a pair of socks.

3 rows into the toe.

3 rows into the toe.

The socks will be my purse project. For those who aren’t fanatical avid knitters, a purse project is carried in your purse at all times to pull out whenever you have a few minutes. Socks are great for purses.

Hugs and happy thoughts.


June 2 Update

knitting problem



I finished my Pendulum a few days ago, got it blocked and then it sat until this morning when I sewed in 23 ends. Phew.



I usually say the most recent shawl I make is my favourite but not this time. Love the yarn and the colours and the short rows, but not a fan of the finished size. I like my shawls deeper. That’s not to say I won’t wear it though.

I started another shawl last night because you just know I don’t have enough projects on the go. I was inspired by my friend Flo’s shawl in the same Simple Yet Effective Shawl pattern. I have 6 skeins of yummy Knit Picks Billow in cornmeal and plan to use it all to make a big squishy shawl.





Hair Experiments

So I wanted to update you on my DIY shampoo. The one I posted last turned out horrible. The first wash was good. The second was brutal. I couldn’t get it rinsed out of my hair. I thought it was out and let my hair dry. It was so greasy I had to rewash with commercial shampoo before I could leave the house. Then I started reading about using an egg yolk with a rinse of lemon juice/water. That worked really well. I used it for a week and a half.My hair felt clean but not really soft. I then tried Soap Works Shampoo & Conditioner bar. It works great. I like the idea of the egg yolk for the protein it adds to my hair and will use one every week or so. I am still continuing with the lemon juice rinse.

Hugs and happy thoughts

Wrist Update

Can you believe it has been a year since I messed up my wrist? I finally saw the surgeon yesterday and I will be having surgery on June 19. I was surprised at the date. I thought for sure it wouldn’t be until the fall. The surgery itself is pretty quick. It’s a local anesthetic and then 30 minutes under the knife. My wrist will then be out of commision for 4 weeks. After that I see the surgeon again and we go from there I guess. He didn’t say anything about therapy after or if I will need it.

So for the next month I will knit knit knit :) Speaking of which, I made a few face cloths out of a very soft cotton. They make for easy quick projects.

Knitted Flower traditonal green 1

Hugs and happy thoughts

Experiments 101

I have been experimenting a little lately with “do-it-yourself, at home, healthy stuff”. Last week I started with my first attempt at sprouting my own seeds for salads, toppings etc. From what I read there are a lot of benefits from sprouts. I placed an order from Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds a Canadian company based in Saskatchewan. I had my order very quickly and pulled everything out to start.

Broccoli Brassica Blend, Oriental Mustard and Sandwich Booster mix

Broccoli Brassica Blend, Oriental Mustard, Crunchy Bean and Sandwich Booster mix

Sprouts 2

 Sandwich Booster is a sprout mix of clover, alfalfa, radish, and mustard

Sandwich Booster is a sprout mix of clover, alfalfa, radish, and mustard

Soak, rinse daily and keep in the cupboard. 5 days later I have a very tasty jar of sprouts.

Sprouts 4

My other experiment was making my own shampoo. I have images of having long flowing white locks. I have had a few missteps, I know a few of you will remember my hair cutting fiasco (cough…Deb, cough cough….Mark) and times when I ask myself “am I crazy?” But generally it is going well. Trying to keep my hair in really good shape so I don’t have to visit a hair dresser has been an learning experience. I have fine wavy hair. I tried the No-Poo method with dismal results and 2 months of expensive DevaCurl also without good results. Then I saw this on Pinterest – How To Make Natural Shampoo where she talks about having hair similar to mine and experiencing the same disappointment with the No-Poo method.

Scent of choice - Pink Grapefruit essential oil.

Scent of choice – Pink Grapefruit essential oil.

It was very easy to mix up. I used it this morning and my hair feels very clean and soft. I will let you know how it goes as I continue to use it.


Cast Off

I finished my Oooo…Shiny Shawl. One of my favourites so far. But then again, I say that about every shawl I cast off :)



Hugs and happy thoughts.